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Supporting actress

Asha Poslay

The first film heroine in Pakistan..
Asha Poslay - Supporting actress - The first film heroine in Pakistan..
Facts on Asha Poslay
Real name Sabira Begum
First film Gowandhi (Punjabi - 1942)
First film Teri Yaad (Urdu - 1948)
Active career1942-86
Life 1927 - 26-03-1998
Born at Patiala, Indian Punjab
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting
Relations Kousar Parveen, Rani Kiran, Najma Begum (sisters), Inayat Ali Nath (father)

Asha Poslay (or Asha Posle, Asha Posley) was heroine of the first ever released Pakistani film Teri Yaad in 1948.

She was not successful in leading roles and appeared only in four movies as first heroine. Ghalt Fehmi (1949), Bulbul (1955) and Changez Khan (1958) were other movies in this list.

Supporting acttress

Asha Poslay got fame in side roles, especially in comic roles with Nazar in Pattan (1955), with Asif Jah in Dullah Bhatti (1956) and Sheikh Chilli (1958) and with Allauddin in film Maa Kay Aansoo (1963).

She was vamp or side heroine in movies like Sassi (1954), Ishq-e-Laila, Intezar and Guddi Gudda (1956) etc.

After the 1950s, she was mostly seen in supporting roles.Mirza Jatt (1967), Mastana Mahi and Insaf aur Qanoon (1971) etc. were some of other famous movies.

PrePartition acttress

Asha Poslay started her career as supporting actress before partition in Lahore made Punjabi film Gawandi (1942). She was in main role in film Champa (1945). Kamli (1946) was her first film as solo heroine. Her last film was Insaf (1986). She also appeared on Stage, TV and Radio and she was also a part-time singer.

Who was Asha Posle?

Asha Poslay's real name was Sabira Begum and she got the film name Asha Poslay from music director Master Ghulam Haidar. She was born in Patiala in 1927 and she was daughter of music director Nath (Inayat Ali) who was also the music director of first Pakistani film Teri Yaad. Famous singer Kousar Parveen, actress Rani Kiran and Tv actress Najma Begum were her sisters.

Asha Poslay died on March 26, 1998 at Lahore.

پاکستان کی پہلی فلم تیری یاد (1948) کی ہیروئن آشا پوسلے کو مرکزی کرداروں میں کامیابی نہیں ملی تھی۔ وہ چند فلموں میں ہیروئن آئی لیکن ناکامی کے بعد معاون اداکارہ کے طور پر سائیڈ ہیروئن ، ویمپ اور کامیڈی رول کئے۔ اس کی فلموں کی تعداد سو سے بھی زائد ہے۔ آشا پوسلے ، پچاس کے عشرہ کی معروف گلوکارہ کوثر پروین ، دو اداکاراؤں رانی کرن اور نجمہ بیگم کی بہن اور پاکستان کی پہلی فلم تیری یاد (1948) کے موسیقارعنایت علی ناتھ کی بیٹی تھی۔

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