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Supporting actor

Talat Siddiqi

She was a great performer..
Talat Siddiqi - Supporting actor - She was a great performer..
Facts on Talat Siddiqi
Real name Adeeba Nazir
First film Hamen Bhi Jeenay Do (Urdu - 1963)
Active career(1963-89)
Life 1939 - 09-05-2021
Born at Shimla, India
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting
Relations Arifa Siddiqi (daughter), Rehana Siddiqi (sister), Aurangzeb (brother-in-law)

Talat Siddiqi was a useful co-actress in Pakistani films. She was introduced as playback singer in film Hemen Bhi Jeenay Do in 1963. She was seen in her first film Maihkhana in 1965. She was seen in almost six dozen films.

Talat Siddiqi was mother of Arifa Siddiqi and Naheed Siddiqi. Rehana Siddiqi was her sister..

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