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Radio, TV and film comedian

Jamshed Ansari

He was a famous TV comedian
Jamshed Ansari - Radio, TV and film comedian - He was a famous TV comedian
Facts on Jamshed Ansari
Real name
First film Soughat (Urdu - 1970)
Active career
Life 31-12-1942 - 24-08-2005
Born at Saharanpur, India
Language Urdu
Profession Acting

Jamshed Ansari's role Hasnat Bhai in Ptv play Uncle Urfi was most popular. His other famous plays were Kiran Kahani, Zer Zabar Pehs, Tanhaiyan etc. He was seen in more than 200 TV plays in his 40 years long career. His role Hamid Mian Kay Haan on Radio Pakistan Karachi was another success. He also worked in BBC London. He was mostly known for his over-acting.

Jamshed Ansari also appeared on silver screen but without any breakthrough. Some of his famous movies were Soughat (1970), Ajj Di Kurrain, Aashi (1977), Pakeeza (1979), I Love You (1982) etc.

Jamshed Ansari was born in Indian city Saharunpur in 1942 and died on August 24, 2005 in Karachi.

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