Film director, producer


The most successful film director from East Pakistan..
Ehtesham - Film director, producer - The most successful film director from East Pakistan..
Facts on Ehtesham
Real name Abu Nur Muhammad Ehteshamul Haq
First film A Desh Tomar Amar (Bengali - 1959)
Active career1959-1984
Life 27-10-1927 - 17-02-2002
Born at Dhaka, Bangladesh
Language Bengali
Profession Film making
Relations Nadeem (son-of-law), Mustafeez (brother)

Ehtesham or Captian Ehtesham was the most successful film producer and director from Dhaka (Dacca) East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He was director of first commercial Dacca-based Urdu film Chanda (1962). This film introduced artists like Shaman, Rehman, Robin Gosh and Suroor Barabankvi.

Other movies from Ehtesam were Talash (1963), Mala (1965), Daagh, Anari (1969) and the all time mega hit Urdu film from Dhaka - Chakori in 1967.

Ehtesham was Bengali origin and born in Calcutta (Kolkata) in 1927. After 1971, he directed three films in Pakistan, Ek thi Larki (1973), his son-of-laws film as producer Mitti kay Putlay (1974) and Pakistan-Bangladesh co-production film Basera (1984). His daughter, Farzana is married to film hero Nadeem.

He died on February 17, 2002 at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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