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He was the most successful Bengali film hero in Urdu movies
Rehman - Film Hero, director, producer - He was the most successful Bengali film hero in Urdu movies
Facts on Rehman
Real name Abdur Rehman
First film Chanda (Urdu - 1962)
Active career
Life 27-02-1937 - 20-07-2005
Born at Panchagarh, East Pakistan, Bangladesh
Language Bengali
Profession Acting, direction
Relations KumKum (wife)

Rehman was a stylish film hero who debuted with Shabnam and Robin Gosh in film Chanda in 1962, which was a golden jubilee hit film and the first ever commercial film from Dacca, ex-East Pakistan. His second film Talash (1963) was another hit film, which was a double version Urdu/Bengali film. His third successful Urdu film was Millan in 1964, but he became handicap during this film, when he lost his leg in a car accident. His fourth successful Dhaka-based Urdu film Bahana (1965) was an "out-door" made film in Karachi.

After some flopped films like Gori, Jehan Bajay Shehnai (1968), Pyasa, Kangan (1969) and Chalo Maan Geye (1970), he moved to West Pakistan and got a role as second hero with Ejaz in diamond jubilee Urdu film Dosti in 1971. He wrote the famous "Chithi" for "Sayyan jee" for Shabnam in this mega hit musical film. His second film as second hero with Nadeem in Nadaan (1973) was a Karachi made diamond jubilee hit film, but his other films were flopped as Tera Gham Rahay Salamat (1973), Do Tasviren (1974), Millan (1978) etc..

Rehman produced and directed 9 movies, his first film Millan in 1964 was a hit film. but his second film Eindhan in 1966 could not succeed. Rehman's famous film as hero and director Darshan (1967), became one of the all time best and super hit musical film form Dhaka. He produced and directed three films in Lahore, Chahat (1974) was a super hit musical and romantic film but Do Sathi and Lagan in 1981 were failed on box office.

Rehman left Pakistan in the 1990s and died in Dhaka on July 20, 2005 after long illness. He was married to producer and actress KumKum.

Alam Ara
Alam Ara


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اس دوران، 2011ء میں میڈیا کے لیے اور 2016ء میں فلم کے لیے کی الگ الگ ویب سائٹس بھی بنائی گئیں لیکن 23 مارچ 2017ء کو انھیں موجودہ اور مستقل ڈومین میں ضم کیا گیا جس نے "پاک میگزین" کی شکل اختیار کر لی تھی۔

سالِ رواں یعنی 2024ء کا سال، "پاک میگزین" کی مسلسل آن لائن اشاعت کا 25واں سلور جوبلی سال ہے۔

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