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Altaf Hussain

A famous film director in Punjabi films..
Altaf Hussain - Film director, producer - A famous film director in Punjabi films..
Facts on Altaf Hussain
Real name Altaf Hussain
First film Panchhi Tay Pardesi (Punjabi - 1969)
Active career
Life -
Born at
Language Punjabi
Profession Film director, producer, actor
Relations Aliya, Shamsa Kanwal (wives)

Altaf Hussain was one of the most productive film director in Pakistan. He was a disciple of the legendary film director Anwar Kemal Pasha and assisted renowned film director M. Akram in film Chann 14vin da in 1968. His first film as director was Panchhi tay Pardesi in 1969. His first super hit film was Athra Puttar in 1981. Same year, his all time best film Sala Sahab was released, which ran for more than two years in Lahore's cinemas. Sahab Jee (1983) was another diamond jubilee super hit film on his credit. Qudrat, Lawaris (1983), Dhee Rani, Mehndi (1985), Nageena (1990), Rani Beti Raj Karay gi (1994) were some of his other big films.

Altaf Hussain was seen as an actor in film Kon Dillan dian Janay in 1972 and as a guest actor in Punjabi film Nikah (1985). He was married to actress Aliya and then singer Shamsa Kanwal.

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