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Film Heroine, Model

Zara Sheikh

She is a famous actress and model
Zara Sheikh - Film Heroine, Model - She is a famous actress and model
Facts on Zara Sheikh
Real name
Active career
Life 07-05-1978 -
Born at Lahore
Profession Acting, modeling

Zara Sheikh is a successful model who was well known in the world of fashion well before she made her debut in feature films. Zara began her career as a model while she was still a relatively young student. Her father was in the Civil Service which would normally result in a life spent moving all over Pakistan. However, Zara was fortunate to have a stable home as her parents were careful not to interrupt her education at any time. Zara's enthusiasm for the world of photography resulted in many a cover on teen and fashion magazines.

Zara Sheikh made her debut on billboards across Pakistan as the "JaZZ Girl" for Pakistan's leading cellular service provider - Mobilink GSM. The add campaign became an instant hit, and she began appearing on JaZZ commercials on Television and in newspapers and magazines.

Her success as a model resulted in her landing an offer to appear in a music video entitled "O Sanam". The video was a hit and introduced Zara to the film world in Pakistan. She received many offers, however chose to make her debut in Hassan Askari's Teray Pyar Mein (2001). Zara was sensational in the film, which went on to become a big hit and sweep the annual Film Awards in Lahore. Zara, in an unprecedented move, won the award for Best Actress for her role in Teray Pyar Mein (2001). This was the first time a newcomer had won the award for Best Actress, let alone for her first ever film. Zara's talent and hard work has resulted in her becoming one of Pakistan's top actresses in a short period of time. Besides having hit films such as Teray Pyar Mein (2001), Salakhen (2004) and Pehla Pehla Pyar (2006). 

Zara Sheikh is also showcasing her singing talents. She sang two songs for her movie Chalo Ishq Larain (2002) and also released a solo album which did extremely well in Pakistan and abroad. Considered to be one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Pakistani cinema, Zara is based in Lahore and divides her time between acting and performing in music videos for top pop artists in Pakistan. 

Zara Sheikh was born May 7, 1978 in Lahore. (by Muhammad Rizwan Anjum, Gujrat, Pakistan)

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