Playback singer

Shoukat Ali

A legendary folk singer..
Shoukat Ali - Playback singer - A legendary folk singer..
Facts on Shoukat Ali
Real name Shoukat Ali
First film Maa Kay Aansoo (Urdu - 1963)
Active careersince 1963
Life 03-05-1944 -
Born at Bhati Gate Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Singing
Relations Inayat Ali (brother)

Shoukat Ali sang his first film song in film Maa Kay Aansoo in 1963. His super hit film song was

  • Kyun Door Door Rehnday O Hazoor Meray Kolun
    (film: Ik Doli 2 Kahar - 1972)

He got more success on Radio and TV as folk singer, especially Saif-ul-Malook singing is his trade mark.

Shoukat Ali was born on May 3, 1944 at Bhati Gate Lahore. He is younger brother of famous folk singer Inayat Ali (Sun Gharhya fame..)

Shoukat Ali

Rashad Mehmood (SHAH HUSSAIN)

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