Film Comedian


One of the all time best comedian in Pakistani movies
Nanha - Film Comedian - One of the all time best comedian in Pakistani movies
Facts on Nanha
Real name Rafi Khawar
First film Watan Ka Sipahi (Urdu - 1966)
Active career
Life - 02-06-1986
Born at
Profession Acting

Nanha was introduced in film Wattan ka Sipahi in 1966 after his remarkable performance in first Ptv comedy series Alif Noon. He worked hard in the first decade of his film career and got breakthrough from film Noukar in 1975. He was hero in film Tehka Pehlwan in 1979 and in the same year his film Dubai Chalo (1979) was super hit on box office.

Despite the dominance of Sultan Rahi and his action films Nanha-Ali jaz-pair gained lot of popularity as hero/comedian pair in the first half of 80s and were seen in more than 50 movies in leading roles. They were paired since film Insayniat (1967).

Nanha's most famous film in title role was Sala Sahib (1981), which ran for more than 300 weeks in Lahore's cinemas. His other famous movies in leading roles were Sohra ta Jawai (1980), Noukar tay Malik, Dostana (1982), Dillan day Souday, Qudrat, Sona Chandi (1983), Sahib Jee (1983), Nikah, Choorian, Dhee Rani, Mehndi (1985). He was seen in 391 movies, 166 Urdu, 221 Punjabi/Siraiki, 3 Sindhi and a single Pashto film. His last released film was Pasoori Badshah in 1991.

Nanha was a bank employee when he entered to the show biz world. He committed suicide on June 2, 1986 after a failure of his one-way love affair with dancer Nazli.


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