Film Comedian, hero

Ali Ejaz

Ali Ejaz died on December 18, 2018..!
Ali Ejaz - Film Comedian, hero - Ali Ejaz died on December 18, 2018..!
Facts on Ali Ejaz
Real name Ali Ejaz
First film Insaniyat (Urdu - 1967)
Active career(1967-2007)
Life 21-10-1942 - 18-12-2018
Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting

Ali Ejaz was a clerk in a Bank and was discovered by Shabab Keranvi. His first appearance was in a TV serial Lakhon Mein Teen. He was introduced in film Insaniyat in 1967 and his role in this film was a Patiala-speaking fruit-merchant with Nanha and Razia. A beautiful comedy song by Ahmad Rushdi and Irene Parveen was filmed on them:

  • Tera Mera Pyar Dekh Kar Sara Zamana Jalta Hay,
    Jall Janay Do, Is Dunya Ko,
    Pyar Mein Sab Kuchh Chalta Hay..

Ali Ejaz was seen in many films as comedian in the 1970s and was a close friend of legend Munawar Zarif. He was seen in a very impressive title role in film Majha Sajha in 1975 - again with his mate Nanha. He became hero in film Dubai Chalo in 1979. It was time, when action Punjabi films dominated, but his light comedy films were alternative choice for cine gores. Sohra Tay Jawai (1980), Sala Sahib (1981), Noukar Tay Malik, Dostana (1982), Qudrat, Sona Chandi, Sahib Jee (1983), Nikah, Choorian, Dhee Rani (1985) were some of his big films as hero. His most famous TV serial was Khawaja & Sons.

Ali Ejaz was working on a project as Ali Ejaz Foundation in Lahore, which was a inspiration from Denmark's old homes. He belongs to Syed Gilani family, and was born in Wednesday, 21 October, 1942. He died on Tuesday, 18 December 2018 at Lahore.

Ali Ejaz

Umar Chaudhary in Halwa Puri

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