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Zahir Raihan

A famous Bengali film director..
Zahir Raihan - Film director, producer, writer - A famous Bengali film director..
Facts on Zahir Raihan
Real name Mohammad Zahirullah
First film Jago Hua Savera (Urdu - 1959)
Active career(1959-72)
Life 19-08-1935 - 30-01-1972
Born at Noakhali, Bangladesh
Language Bengali
Profession Film making

Zahir Raihan was a talented film producer, director and writer from Dacca, East Pakistan. He was assistant director in the first ever Dacca-made Urdu film Jago hua Svera (1959). He was producer and director of first colored film Sangam (1964) and followed by the first cinema-scope film Bahana (1965). Bhayya (1966) was one of his most successful Urdu film in Pakistan. His film Mehrban (1971) was the last Dacca-made Urdu film in United Pakistan. He made Urdu film Jaltay Suraj kay Neechay (1971) in Lahore but the name of the director of the film was changed due to his treason to Pakistan.

Zahir Raihan was regarded as a national hero in Bangladesh but as a traitor in Pakistan. He joined the Mukti Bahini or so-called Bangladesh Liberation Army which was trained and funded by the Indian army. He propagated against Pakistan from All India Radio Calcutta and was killed by an unknown gunman after the fall of Dacca on January 30, 1972.



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