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She was a successful film director..
Sangeeta - Film Heroine - She was a successful film director..
Facts on Sangeeta
Real name Syeda Parveen Rizvi
First film Kangan (Urdu - 1969)
Active career
Life 14-06-1957 -
Born at Karachi
Language Urdu
Profession Film making
Relations Kaveeta, Hina Rizvi (sister), Mehtab Bano (mother), Syed Tayyab Rizvi (father), Humayun Qureshi (ex-husband)

Sangeeta was introduced as an actress but got huge popularity as film director.

She was introduced as a child artist in film Koh-e-Noor (1966). As heroine, her first film was Kangan (1969). Meri Zindagi Hay Naghma (1972) and Teray Meray Sapnay (1975) were some of her best films as heroine.

Sangeeta made more than 70 films as a film director. Society Girl (1976) was her first film as director and in leading role. Muthi Bhar Chawal (1978) was one of her best films. Khilona (1996) and Nikah (1998) were some of her other big films.

Sangeeta's was born as Parveen in 1957 in Karachi. She is elder sister of other actresses Kaveeta and Hina Khan. Her brother Ali Raza was producer. Her mother Mehbat Bano was an extra actress and father Syed Tayyab Ali was a film distributer.

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