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The most productive music director in Pakistan..
M.Ashraf - Film Music director - The most productive music director in Pakistan..
Facts on M.Ashraf
Real name Mohammad Ashraf
First film Anchal (Urdu - 1962)
Active career1961-2005
Life 01-02-1942 - 04-02-2007
Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Music
Relations Master Inayat Hussain, Master Abdullah, Akhtar Hussain Akhian (uncles), M. Arshad (son), Nazir Ali, Tafoo (assistents)

M. Ashraf was the most successful film music director, who composed music for maximum numbers of films in Pakistan. His first film was Spearan in 1961, which gave succcess to Ahmad Rushdi with his first famous song "Chand Sa Mukhra Gora Badan..".

M. Ashraf started as teammate with famous music director Manzoor who was known for his all time best song "Tu Jo Nahin Hay To Kuchh Bhi Nahin Hay.." by S.B. John in film Savera (1959). They composed music in more than 30 films together.

M. Ashraf composed his first film as solo music director in Sangdil (1968) which was a big musical hit. He had more than 350 films as music director and had a very big score in both Urdu and Punjabi films. His last film was Teray Bin Jiya Na Jaye in 2005.

M. Ashraf was born on February 1, 1942 and died on February 4, 2007 at Lahore.

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