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Master Ashiq Hussain

Famous music director Master Ashiq Hussain passed away on Tuesday, December 26, 2017..
Master Ashiq Hussain - Film Music director - Famous music director Master Ashiq Hussain passed away on Tuesday, December 26, 2017..
Facts on Master Ashiq Hussain
Real name Ashiq Hussain
First film Jabroo (Punjabi - 1956)
Active career
Life - 26-12-2017
Born at
Language Punjabi
Profession Music director

His first film was Jabroo in 1956, and he introduced the famous Dhamal (spiritual song)

  • Lal Meri Patt Rakhio Bhalla Jhoolay Lalan..

which was originally sung by the followers of Sufi Lal Shehbaz Qalander on his shrine in Sindh. This Dhamal became real hit by the music director Nazir Ali in film Dillan Day Souday in 1969, and it was composed by many other music directors and sung by many singers in many films like Jawani Mastani (1968), Veryam (1969), Main Akela (1972), Parchhaen (1974), Aag (1992) etc.

He also composed music for classic film Waris Shah in 1964 and his patriotic song in film Azmat-e-Islam in 1965..

  • Harram Ki Azmat Kay Paspano, Khuda Negehban Hay Tumhara..

became a hit song. He also composed music in first ever Siraiki film Dhian Nimania in 1973.

Master Ashiq Hussain was elder brother of music director Akhtar Hussain Akhian.

Master Ashiq Hussain

Interviewed on Dawn TV in 2014

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