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Punjabi film from 1939

Mirza Sahiban

Released date in Lahore: Friday, 12 May 1939

Film Company: Ranjit Movietone

Released date: 1939-05-12

Language: Punjabi

Made in Bombay

Genre: Folk story

Status: ?

Lahore cinema: Sanober cinema

Film credits of

Mirza Sahiban

(Punjabi - 1939)
ActorsIlla Devi, Zahoor Raja, A. Shah, Gulab, Bhag Singh, M. Beg, Miss Kalyani, Snehlata, Gulzar, Baby Farida, MAster Suresh, Fazal Elahi, Bhai Desa, Urmila
DirectorD.N. Madhok
Producer'sChandulal Shah
WriterD.N. Madhok
Music directorManohar Kapoor
Lyricists/poetsD.N. Madhok
CinematogrpahyL.N. Verma
Film music of

Mirza Sahiban

(Punjabi - 1939)


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