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Film director, producer

A.R. Kardar

The pioneer of Pakistani films..
A.R. Kardar - Film director, producer - The pioneer of Pakistani films..
Facts on A.R. Kardar
Real name Abdur Rasheed Kardar
First film Daughters of Today (Silent - 1927)
Active career
Life - 11-06-1989
Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Film making
Relations Bahar Akhtar (wife)
Nusrat Kardar (step-brother)
Aaejay Kardar (step-brother)
Mehboob Khan (brother-in-law)

A.R. Kardar was pioneer of Lahore film industry.

He was an actor, producer, director and writer, who made more than half of Lahore's silent films.

His film company, United Players Corporation, was the first most successful film company in Lahore and he also owned the first regular film studio on Ravi Road Lahore.

Apart from acting in the first film Daughter of Today (1927) made in Lahore, Kardar also has the unique honor of making the first Punjabi film of the subcontinent, Heer Ranjha (1932).

A.R. Kardar was also a successful film director in Kolkata and Mumbai and owned a film company in Mumbai as well.

He was born in 1904 in Lahore and died in 1989 in Mumbai.

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