Film poet

Manzoor Jhalla

He was a famous folk poet..
Manzoor Jhalla - Film poet - He was a famous folk poet..

Facts on Manzoor Jhalla
Real name
Active career
Life - 25-01-1973
Born at
Language Punjabi
Profession Poet

He wrote many super hit folk and movie Punjabi songs. Legendry folk singer Reshma's "Hey Rabba, neun lagda dil mere.." was one of his all time mega hit song.

Manzoor Jhalla also wrote many super hit film songs, like:

  • Shikkar Dopehr Pipli day thallay, main chhankaian Wanga (Noorjahan, film Lado (1966)
  • Yaaran naal baharan, Sajna (Masood Rana, film Yaaran Naal Baharan (1966)
  • Na Dil dendy, be-dardi nu, Na Koonj wangu kurlandi (Noorjahan, film Prohna 1968)
  • Way lagian di lajj rakh lein, kaddi bhul na jain anjana (Noorjahan, film Chor Nalay Chattar 1970)
  • Koonj wichhar geyi darun, tay labbdi Sajnau nu (Runa Laila, film Bazigar 1970)

Manzoor Jhalla was owner of a mobile theatre as well. He died on January 25, 1973.

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