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A top villain actor from the 1950s..
Himalayawala - Film Villain - A top villain actor from the 1950s..
Facts on Himalayawala
Real name Mohammad Afzal-ud-din
First film Kis ki Bivi (Hindi/Urdu - 1942)
First film Shahida (Urdu - 1949)
Active career(1942.63)
Life 1919 - 01-01-1984
Born at Dehradun, India
Language Urdu
Profession Acting
Relations Amirbai Karnataki and Begum Parveen (wives)

Himalayawala was seen in Urdu film Shahida (1949), which celebrated silver jubilees in Delhi and Lucknow.

Himalayawala was in leading role in Pakistan's first silver jubilee Urdu film 2 Aansoo in 1950. He was main villain actor in the most of 1950s movies. He played the Akbar The Great role in musical film Anar Kali in 1958. His other famous moves were Kundan (1950) Chan Way (1951), Ghulam (1953), Gumnam, Ruhi (1954), Shoni (1955),Qatil (1955), Sarfarosh (1956), Saat Lakh (1957), Gumrah, Naghma-e-Dil (1959), Farishta (1961), Watan (1960) and Azra (1962). He was seen in 33 movies, only two of them were in Punjabi language. His last film was Yahudi Ki Larki in 1963.

Himalayawala was a veteran actor from the pre-partition movies. His first film was Kisi Ki Bivi in 1942. His another pre-partition movies were Mata (1942),  Ankh Ki SharmVishwas (1943), Qismatwala (1944), Humayun, Dharam (1945), Shahjahan, Jag Biti (1946), Elan, Samundron Ki Malika (1947) etc.

Himalayawala's real name was Mohammad Afzal-ud-din. He was born in Dehradun in Indian state of Uttarkhand in 1919. He was married to famous singer Amirbai Karnataki and then Begum Parveen. He died on January 1st, 1984 in Lahore.

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