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Folk Singer

Ashiq Jatt

He was a renowned Punjabi folk singer
Ashiq Jatt - Folk Singer - He was a renowned Punjabi folk singer
Facts on Ashiq Jatt

Real name Ashiq Hussain Jatt
First film Hadd Harram (Punjabi - 1965)
Active career
Life - 11-11-1988
Born at
Language Punjabi
Profession Singer

Ashiq Jatt sang many songs about Punjabi folk stories like Charkha, Gharha, Dulla Bhatti, Sohni Mehinwal, Sassi Punnu, Dhol Sammi etc. His most popular folk sang was..

  • Meinu Paar Laga Day Way Gharia, Mintan Terian Kardi..

Ashiq Jatt also sang and acted in few movies. He sang a course song in film Had Harram (1965)..

He also sang a solo song in film Gabhroo (1981)..

  • Aao Sarian Huuran Ni, Nabi (saw) Da Sehra Gaiay..

Ashiq Jatt acted in films Prohna (1966), Sher Jawan and Bhaian Di Jori (1969). He died on November 11, 1988.


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