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Nazrul Islam

A record holder film director..
Nazrul Islam - Film director - A record holder film director..
Facts on Nazrul Islam
Real name Nazrul Islam
First film Millan (Bengali/Urdu double version - 1964)
Active career(1964-94)
Life 19-08-1939 - 11-01-1994
Born at Calcutta, Kolkata India
Language Bengali
Profession Film making

Nazrul Islam was a legendary film director in Pakistani films. He was known for a record making film Aina (1977), which ran for more than four years in cinemas in Karachi.

As a film director, his other big films were Amber, Zindagi (1978), Bandish, Nahin Abhi Nahin (1980) and Kalay Chor (1991).

Nazrul Islam was basically a film editor, but he also appeared as an actor in films like Millan (1964), Nawab Sarajuddola (1967) and Jahan Bajay Shehnazi (1968).

Nazrul Islam was born in Calcutta (Kolkata, India) in 1939 and migrated to East Pakistan (Bangladesh) after partition. He made his film career in Dacca (Dhaka) but later moved to Karachi, Pakistan, where he lived until his death on January 11, 1994. He is buried in Lahore.



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