Film director, producer

Iqbal Kashmiri

He made the maximum numbers of feature films in Pakistan
Iqbal Kashmiri - Film director, producer - He made the maximum numbers of feature films in Pakistan
Facts on Iqbal Kashmiri
Real name Mohammad Iqbal
First film Yakkay Wali (Punjabi - 1957)
Active career1957-
Life - 15-11-2020
Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Film director, producer, actor
Relations Sushma Shahi, Shehnaz (wives)

Iqbal Kashmiri had a successful start with a hit Punjabi film Taxi Driver in 1970. His second film Babul (1971) was a milestone for the great action film hero Sultan Rahi. Yousuf Khan became a super star Punjabi film hero from his super hit film Ziddi (1973). His another big Punjabi film Banarsi Thug (1973) introduced Munawar Zarif in the title role, which made him the most dominant film actor in the mid 1970s. This film was also a breakthrough for famous actress Mumtaz. He also directed the first Punjabi film Mukhra (1988) for the legend Urdu film hero Nadeem.

Iqbal Kashmiri began as an actor Nikku in the blockbuster Punjabi film Yakkay Wali in 1957. He acted and assisted director Aziz Merthi in films like Hazar Dastan (1965), Aliya (1967), Paristan and Lala Rukh (1968).

Iqbal Kashmiri was born in 1942 at Lahore and married to Nepali actress Sushma Shahi. He died on 15 November 2020 at the age of 78 years.

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