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Studio owner, producer, director, editor

Shaukat Hussain Rizvi

He was famous studio owner..
Shaukat Hussain Rizvi - Studio owner, producer, director, editor - He was famous studio owner..
Facts on Shaukat Hussain Rizvi

Real name Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi
First film Neta Jee Subhash (Hindi/Urdu - 1947)
First film Chann Way (Punjabi - 1951)
Active career
Life 27-03-1913 - 19-08-1998
Born at UP, India
Language Urdu
Profession Film making
Relations Noorjahan and Yasmin (wives)
Zille Huma (daughter), Akbar Hussain Rizvi, Asgher Hussain Razvi (sons)

Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi started as film editor at Maiden Theatre Calcutta. He moved to Lahore in the late 1930s and edited some famous movies like Gul Bakawli (1939) and Khazanchi (1941).

Rizvi sahib directed his first film Khandan in 1942. Madam Noorjahan was heroine in this big musical film. Famous Indian villain actor, Lahore born Pran was hero in this film. After the great success of this film, Rizvi sahib moved to film hub Bombay (now Mumbai) with his crew. He mad some big movies there, Noukar (1943), Dost (1944), Zeenat (1945) and Jugnu (1947) - all movies with his wife Noorjahan.

After partition, they moved to Karachi but Lahore was only film center in the new created country Pakistan. They were alloted villa, cinema (Regent) and a film studio (ShahNoor) in Lahore. They produced first film Chann Way in 1951 and Noorjahan became the first ever film director in Pakistan from this Punjabi film.

Rizvi sahib produced and directed other movies like Jan-e-Bahar (1958), Ashiq (1968) and Dulhan Rani (1969), but all these movies were flopped.

Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi was born in 1913 in UP, India and died on August 19, 1998 in Lahore. He was first married to Noorjahan and then Yasmin. Zill-e-Huma is his daughter.


Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi

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