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Yasmin Khan

Yasmin Khan was a legendary Pashto film actress..
Yasmin Khan - Film Heroine - Yasmin Khan was a legendary Pashto film actress..
Facts on Yasmin Khan
Real name Shamshad
First film Yousuf Khan Sher Bano (Pashto - 1970)
Active career1970-95
Life - 15-04-1999
Born at

She was heroine of the first ever Pashto film in Pakistan, Yousuf Khan Sher Bano (1970). She appeared in more than 150 movies and ruled the hearts of Pashto film fans for three decades. Some of her big movies were Adam Khan aw Durkhanai (1971), Orbal (1973), Meh Jabeenay (1972) and many more. She had only two Urdu movies Jehan Barf Girti Hay (1972) and Dil Walay (1974). She appeared as heroine in a single Punjabi film Dosti Tay Dushmany (1977).

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Yasmin Khan's paired with legendary Pashto actor Badar Munir in more than 80 movies and it was popular like Sabiha-Santosh, Zeba-Mohammad Ali, Shabnam-Nadeem in Urdu movies and Naghma-Habib, Firdous-Ejaz, Anjuman-Sultan Rahi, Saima-Shaan are in Punjabi movies.

She was killed by unknown gunman on April 15, 1999.

Read detailed biography of Yasmin Khan by Anwar Gul:

Yasmin Khan was born in Kakshal, Peshawar during early 1950s. Her real name was Shamshad. She was a kid when her father died, and her mother married another man in Jamrud, Peshawar. As her mother did not take her along, Yasmin Khan [Shamshad] was raised by her grand mother. Yasmin Khan had a sister named Saeeda. Her mother and sister probably still live in Jamrud, Peshawar.

Yasmin Khan was married three times. Her first marriage was to Urdu/Pashto film actor Saqi, from whom she had a daughter. This daughter of Yasmin Khan played a small role in Pukhtu film Orbal. Basically, she is shown sleeping in a cradle as Yasmin Khan sings a song to her - the first song of Orbal movie. Yasmin Khan's second marriage was with Malik Bari - owner of Bari Studio, Lahore. She had a daughter named Qara-tul-Aeen, from Malik Bari. This marriage did not last long as well.

Her third marriage was with Arifullah - a young man from Kakshall, Peshawar. Arifullah had auto-related business in Shoba Bazar, Peshawar but liked to attend mujras a lot. This marriage turned out to be catastrophic, essentially resulting in Yasmin Khan's un-timely death in 1999. Yasmin Khan was asleep when she was shot in her head. Her daughter Qara-Tul-Aeen was the first to find her mother dead, reporting the murder to the police. Arifullah was held suspect in her death but released after few months from Peshawar jail.

After Yasmin Khan's un-timely and brutal death, folks offered many explanations as to why she was killed. Some thought Arifullah wanted to get hold of her wealth; Others surmised that Arifullah had an eye on her daughter Qara-Tul-Aeeen. Still others thought that Arifullah's first wife had something to do with it.

Yasmin Khan's death saddened all Pukhtuns [May God bless her soul]. Indeed, she was a luminary of pashto movies, and pashto movie industry will never be the same without her. Yasmin Khan was buried in Kakshall's graveyard. One month after her death, police had to open her grave to seek additional information in connection with her murder. About two years after her death, Arifullah was killed by a gang.

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