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She was a perfect choice for any tragic role..
Yasmin - Film Heroine - She was a perfect choice for any tragic role..
Facts on Yasmin
Real name Amina Begum
First film Beli (Urdu - 1950)
Active career(1949-70)
Life -
Born at Bombay, India
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting
Relations Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi, Syed Jafar Shah Bukhari (husbands)

Yasmin was introduced in Indian film Dillagi in 1949. She migrated to Pakistan same year and worked as supporting actress in film Beli (1950). Her debut name was Zarina. Her first film as heroine was Morni in 1955. Jabroo (1957) was her super hit film as heroine. She played tragic roles in most of her films and she was only a supporting actress. She played some big roles in films like Masoom (1957), Zehr-e-Ishq, Bharosa, Aadmi (1958), Salma (1960), Faristha (1961), Nizam Lohar, Soukan (1966) and her last film Kousar (1970).

Yasmin was married to cinematographer Jafar Shah Bukhari and after separation from him, she re-married Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi, who was married to Madam Noor Jehan.


Introduced by Reema & Moamar Rana, Ptv


Interviewed by Moneeza Hashmi

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