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Zubaida Khanum

Zubaida Khanum passes away on October 19, 2013!!!
Zubaida Khanum - Playback singer - Zubaida Khanum passes away on October 19, 2013!!!
Facts on Zubaida Khanum
Real name Zubaida Khanum
First film Shehri Babu (Punjabi - 1953)
Active career1953-63
Life - 19-10-2013
Born at Amritsar, Indian Punjab
Language Punjabi
Profession Singing

Zubaida Khanum was first Pakistani female singer who dominated film industry in the 1950s. She sang many super hit songs in many films. She began from Punjabi film Shehri Babu in 1953 and her first song was in the composition of Rasheed Attray and penned by Waris Ludhyanvi. It was a super hit song..

  • Gallan Sun Kay Mahi Day Naal Merian, Dopatta Be-iman Ho Geya..

She sang super hit songs in other Punjabi films like Pattan, Heer (1955), Mahi Munda, Guddi Gudda, Chann Mahi (1956), Yakkay Wali (1957), Sheikh Chilli, Chhoomanter, Jatti, Mukhra (1958), Kartar Singh, Naji (1959) etc.

Her most super hit Urdu song was in film Saat Lakh in 1957. It was also composed by Rasheed Attray and wrote by Saifuddin Saif..

  • Aye Mousam Rangeelay Suhanay, Jia Na Hi Manay..

Anokhi, Sarfarosh, Baghi (1956), Ishq-e-Laila, Saat Lakh (1957), Zehr-e-Ishq (1958), 16 Aanay, Raaz (1959), Ayaz, Raat Kay Rahi (1960) etc. were some of her big musical Urdu movies.

Zubaida Khanum also acted in few movies. She was in lead role with Zarif in famous Punjabi film Patay Khan in 1955. Madam Noorjahan was first heroine and Musarrat Nazir was third heroine in this film. She was most busiest playback singer until 1960, when she left film industry after she married to cinematographer Riaz Bukhari. She died on October 19, 2013 on the second anniversary of her husband, who died two years ago on 19.10.2011. She was mother of famous film director Faisal Bukhari (Bhai Log fame).

Zubaida Khanum

Interviewed by Shehnaz Sheikh, Ptv

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قبل ازیں ، 2005ء میں پاکستانی فلموں کا عروج و زوال کے عنوان سے ایک معلوماتی مضمون لکھا گیا تھا۔ 2008ء میں پاکستانی فلموں کے ساٹھ سال کے عنوان سے مختلف فنکاروں اور فلموں پر مختصر مگر جامع مضامین سپردقلم کیے گئے تھے۔ ان کے علاوہ پاکستانی فلموں کے منفرد ڈیٹابیس سے اعدادوشمار پر مشتمل بہت سے صفحات ترتیب دیے گئے تھے جن میں خاص طور پر پاکستانی فلموں کی سات دھائیوں کے اعدادوشمار پر مشتمل ایک تفصیلی سلسلہ بھی موجود ہے۔

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