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Playback singer

Sharafat Ali

He sang in only a single film..!
Sharafat Ali - Playback singer - He sang in only a single film..!
Facts on Sharafat Ali

Real name Sharafat Ali
First film Waada (Urdu - 1957)
Active career
Life 16-08-1924 - 17-04-1991
Born at Rampure, India
Language Urdu
Profession Singing

Sharafat Ali was not a professional singer, but an educated artist from Ali Garh University, where he arranged stage dramas and music. His got chance on All India Radio and became A-grade singer. He recorded a Ghazal in an Indian film Mirza Ghalib (1954):

  • Ab To Gabhra Kay Yeh Kehtay Hayn Keh Mar Jayen Gay..

Sharafat Ali sang two evergreen songs penned by Saifuddin Saif in Urdu film Waada (1957). Music composer was Rasheed Attray:

  • Jab Teray Shehar Say Guzrata Hun, Teri Ruswaion Say Darta Hun..
  • Bar Bar Barsen Moray Nain, Moray Naina.. (with Kousar Parveen)

Sharafat Ali sang four songs in his only film Waada (1957), which was directed by W.Z. Ahmad. He left film industry after a dispute with Rasheed Attray. He was settled in Karachi, began his business and sang only for Radio Pakistan. He died on April 17, 1991 at Karachi.



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