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Riaz Shahed

He was a revolutionary film writer..
Riaz Shahed - Film journalist - He was a revolutionary film writer..
Facts on Riaz Shahed
Real name Sheikh Riaz
First film Bharosa (Urdu - 1958)
Active career1955-72
Life - 01-10-1972
Born at Quetta
Language Punjabi
Profession Writer, journalist

Riaz Shahed got a unique attention with his firy dialogue and stories in Pakistani films. He was introduced as story, screenplay and dialog writer in film Bharosa in 1958. Shaheed (1962), Farangi, Khamosh Raho (1964) were his big film as writer. Famous dialogue Kahan Say Liye Hayn Yeh Jhumkay.. from film Badnam (1966) was also written by him. His last film as writer was Haidar Ali (1978).

Riaz Shahed produced, directed and wrote his first film Susral in 1962. His all time best film was Zarqa in 1969, which was his only super hit film as producer and director. His other films as director were Gharnata and Yeh Amn (1971).

Riaz Shahed also acted in a film Nizam Lohar (1966). A famous song by Masood Rana Pyar Kisay Naal Pavin Na.. was picturised on him.

Riaz Shahed, real name Sheikh Riaz, started as journalist with famous magazines Chattan, Lail-o-Nahar and Daily Maghrabi Pakistan. His famous novel Hazar Dastan was published in 1955. His brother Fiaz Sheikh was also in the film line. He married top actress Neelo after her famous episode in 1965, when she refused to dance in an official function. Super star hero Shaan is his son.

Riaz Shahed was born in 1927 in Quetta and died on October 1st, 1972 in Lahore.

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