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M.J. Rana

He was first box office hit Punjabi film director
M.J. Rana - Film director - He was first box office hit Punjabi film director
Facts on M.J. Rana
Real name Mohammad Jameel Rana
Active career1954-95
Life - 20-06-1995
Born at
Profession film making

M.J. Rana was known for movies about social reforms. He was director of blockbuster Punjabi movies like Mahi Munda (1956), Yakkay Wali (1957) and Pakistan's first platinum jubilee film Jeedar (1965).

M.J. Rana's other famous movies were Jatti (1958), Rani Khan (1960), Mera Mahi (1964), Mann Mouji (1965), Abba Jee (1966), Yaar Mar, Jani Dushman (1967), Bau Jee (1968), Chann Veer (1969), Chann Puttar (1970) etc. He was flopped in Urdu movies and only had 5 movies. His Urdu film Tangay Wali (1981) was actually a re-make of his own film Yakkay Wali.

His real name was Mohammad Jameel Rana and he started as assistant director to Daud Chand. His first film was Sohni (1955) and last Sar Phira (1991). He was seen as an actor in film 2 Rangeelay (1972).

M.J. Rana also directed one of the most famous stage drama in Lahore - Shartia Mithay with stage legends like Aman Ullah, Babbu Baral, Mastana and Suhail Ahmad. He died on June 20, 1995 in Lahore.

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