Punjabi film


Released date: Friday, 26 July 19850

Film company: ?

Genre: Action film

Made in Lahore

Color: Color

Box office: ?

Title role(s): Yousuf Khan


Main artists in film


(Punjabi - 1985)

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(Punjabi - 1985)
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(Punjabi - 1985)
ActorsAsiya, Yousuf Khan, Sultan Rahi, Sabiha,Allauddin, Ilyas Kashmir, Rehan, Saiqa, Shahida, Imrozia, Neelofar, Changezi, Iqbal Durrani, Seema, Khalid Saleem Mota
Director(s)Mohammad Akram
Producer(s)Mohammad Akram
Writer(s)Saeed Sahili
Musician(s)Kemal Ahmad (ass. Chandra Mohan, Beli Ram)
Poet(s)Waris Ludhyanvi, Saeed Gilani
Singer(s)Mehnaz, Naheed Akhtar, Masood Rana
CameraNabi Ahmad

Music of film


(Punjabi - 1985)

Jaggay Jatt Da Na Sani Koi..

Singer(s): Naheed Akhtar, Masood Rana
Music: Kemal Ahmad
Poet: ?
Actor(s): ?

Box office reports of film


(Punjabi - 1985)
Lahore circuit

Released date: Friday, 26 July 1985

Film status: ?

Weeks: ?

Karachi circuit

Released date:

Film status: ?

Weeks: ?

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