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He was specialist story writer about British Raj
Sikkedar - Poets/Writers - He was specialist story writer about British Raj
Facts on Sikkedar
Real name Raheem Bakhsh Khokhar
Active career
Life - 03-07-2006
Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Writing, acting

Sikkedar wrote stories and dialogue in his first film Jabroo (1956), which was a trend maker film and perhaps the first film on British Raj era. Malangi (1965), Nizam Lohar (1966), Imam Din Gohavia (1967), Nizam (1971), Ghulam (1973), Baghi tay Farangi (1976), Chann Veryam (1981) etc were some of his big movies on this topic.

Sikkedar wrote stories for other big commercial movies as well. One of his mega hit film was Anwara (1970), which celebrated platinum jubilee in Karachi.

Sikkedar was also a top performer. He was a specialist actor in roles as Hindu Baniya. His dialogue delivery was unique. He wrote some songs in few movies. He was also writer of a book on legendry film poet Tanvir Naqvi.

Sikkedar's real name was Raheem Bakhsh Khokhar and he was born in 1927 in a small village Niaz Baig near Lahore. He died on July 3, 2006 in Lahore.



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