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She was a top side-heroine..
Saloni - Film Heroine - She was a top side-heroine..
Facts on Saloni
Real name Zohra Begum
First film Ghaddar (Urdu - 1964)
Active career(1964-72)
Life 26-04-1950 - 14-10-2010
Born at Rawalpindi
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting
Relations Bari Malik (husband)

Saloni appeared in more than five dozens movies in a period of less than a decade. She had few hit movies as solo heroine, Veryam (1969), Badla (1968), Hatim Tai (1967), Aadil, Baghi Sardar (1966) were some of them. She gained lot of popularity as side heroine, Phannya Khan, Aisa Bhi Hota Hay (1965), Sawaal, Lori (1966), Dil Da Jani (1967), Chann Makhna, Bau Jee, Sajjan Pyara (1968) and Anwara (1970) were some of her big movies in side roles.

Saloni married Bari Malik, who was owner of Pakistan's largest film studio in Lahore. She was born as Zohra Nazneen in 1950 at Rawalpindi and died on October 14, 2012 at Lahore.


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