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He was a famous Stage and Film comedian
Albela - Film and stage comedian - He was a famous Stage and Film comedian
Facts on Albela
Real name Akhtar Hussain
First film Rishta (Punjabi - 1963)
Active career1963-2004
Life - 17-07-2004
Born at Gojra, Toba Tek Singh
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting
Relations Honey Albela (son)

Albela was mostly known for the commercial stage from Lahore. His duo with Aman Ullah Khan took the theatre to its peak and he had many memorable stage plays.

Albela's first film was Rishta in 1963. This film was memorable for Sabiha & Santosh, who were seen as typical romantic pair in their last Punjabi film. It was also first Punjabi film for the legendary playback singer Masood Rana, who was a totally dominating male singer in Punjabi movies. Famous actress Aliya was also seen in this film first time.

Albela never got any significant role in any film in the first two decades. He became famous in the 1980s and played title role in film Wardatiya in 1991. Some of his movies were Ishq Nachaway Gali Gali (1984), Allah Ditta (1988), Siren (1991), Hero, Majhoo (1992) etc. He was seen in more than 200 movies.

Albela also sang some songs in various movies..

Albela's real name was Akhtar Hussain. He was born in 1941 in Gojra and died on July 17, 2004 in Lahore. He was father of TV artist Honey Albela, who is a famous character in Geo Tv's satire show Khabarnak.

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