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Wazir Afzal

They composed many hit Punjabi songs..
Wazir Afzal - Film Music director - They composed many hit Punjabi songs..
Facts on Wazir Afzal
Real name Wazir Ali
First film Chacha Khamkhah (Punjabi - 1963)
Active career(1963-89)
Life 04-06-1934 - 07-09-2021
Born at Patiala, Indian Punjab
Language Punjabi
Profession Music
Relations Mohammad Afzal (mate)

Wazir Afzal were actually a pair of two musicians, Wazir Ali and Mohammad Afzal..!

Wazir Ali was a good mandolin player and assisted Master Inayat Hussain in film Qatil (1955) with this famous song "O Maina, Na Janay Kya Ho Geya.." Then he became a permanent assistant of great music director Khawaja Khursheed Anwar, even after he was recognized as an independent music director.

Mohammad Afzal was son of Bhai Desa, who was a prominent actor, music director and singer in Punjabi films before the partition. He was a good violin player and mostly worked at Radio Pakistan. He died in 2007.

Wazir Afzal got their first film ChaCha Khamkha (1963) and breakthrough form film Zamin (1965). They were together until 1968 but Wazir Ali continued as Wazir Afzal. Dil Da Jani (1967), Jumman Janj Naal (1968) and Yaar Mastanay (1974) were some of their most popular films as music director.


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