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He was one and only film director in Pakistan who was also successful as film hero
Kaifee - Film director and hero - He was one and only film director in Pakistan who was also successful as film hero
Facts on Kaifee
Real name Kifayet Hussain
First film Munhzor (Punjabi - 1966)
Active career1964-2001
Life 13-03-1943 - 13-03-2009
Born at Gujrat
Language Punjabi
Profession Film making

Kaifee was the younger brother of the legendary Punjabi singer and actor Inayat Hussain Bhatti. He was co-director of film Waris Shah (1964). His first film as independent film director was Munh Zor (1966), which was a silver jubilee hit film, but his second film Chann Makhna (1968) became a super hit golden jubilee film. Same year, he introduced him self as a film hero in film Sajjan Pyara (1968), which was another super hit golden jubilee film. His third film Jind Jan (1969) was a mega hit platinum jubilee film. Ishq Deevana (1971) was another golden jubilee film and his film Zulm da Badla (1972) celebrated diamond jubilee.

Kaifee directed 31 films and acted in almost 80 films. Only two of his films as director were in Urdu language, Bikhray Moti (1975) and Roti, Kapra aur Insan (1977). One of his film was in Siraiki, Rabb da Roop (1975) and his last film as director was Mera Mahi in 2001.

Kaifee was married to two actresses Ghazala and Chakori. His son Amir Kaifee appeared in two movies. He was born at Gujrat on March 13, 1943 and died on the same date, March 13, 2009.

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