Foreign Actor


She was a famous supporting actress from the 1960s..
Tarana - Foreign Actor - She was a famous supporting actress from the 1960s..
Facts on Tarana
Real name
First film Sukh Ka Sapna (Urdu - 1962)
Active career
Life -
Born at

Her first film was Sukh ka sapna (1962), appeared as heroine in film Doctor Shaitan opposite Waris in 1969 and Jain Bond with Raza fazli (1971-a Pak Iran co production) but could not succeeded as heroine. Her face features were sharp and not suitable as Pakistani film heroine, but suits in vampish and western type roles. Other films were Kala Pani, Noureen, Jaan Pehchan etc.

She was best known as "Qoumi Tarana" due to her close realtion to President of Pakistan, General Yahya Khan (1969-71)..!!!

2 Baghi
2 Baghi

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