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Film lyricist

Mushir Kazmi

He was a famous poet and story writer
Mushir Kazmi - Film lyricist - He was a famous poet and story writer
Facts on Mushir Kazmi
Real name Syed Mushir Hussain Kazmi
First film Bheegi Palken (Urdu - 1952)
Active career1952-75
Life 22-04-1924 - 08-12-1975
Born at Ambala, India
Language Urdu
Profession Poetry

Mushir Kazmi was a renowned film poet whose song in film Dopatta in 1952..

  • Chandni Raten, Sab Jagg Soye, Ham Jagen, Taron Say Karen Baten..

was written in his very miserable economical situation, but this song became super hit and he also became a top lyricist.

Mushir Kazmi wrote songs in many movies, Mehtab (1962), Zamin (1965), Commander (1968), Dillan Day Souday (1969), Yeh Rastay Hayn Pyar Kay (1970), Main Akela (1972), Basheera (1972) and Dillagi (1974) were some of his big movies.

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One of the all time best patriotic song, sung by Naseem Begum in film Madr-e-Watan (1966)..

  • A Rah-e-Haq Kay Shaheedo, Wafa Ki Tasveero..

was also written by Mushir Kasmi, who acted in film Basheera as well. He was born in 1915 in Ambala, India and died on December 8, 1975 in Lahore.

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