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Playback singer

Naseem Begum

She was a big name as playback singer
Naseem Begum - Playback singer - She was a big name as playback singer
Facts on Naseem Begum
Real name
First film Guddi Gudda (Punjabi - 1956)
Active career1958-71
Life - 29-09-1971
Born at Amritsar, Indian Punjab
Profession Singing

Naseem Begum was introduced as The Second Noojahan in film Be-Gunah (1958) and her first song was a hit song..

  • Naino Mein Jall Bhar Aye, Moorkh Man Tarpaye..

Naseem Begum was trained in classical and light music by Mukhtar Begum. She took over from Zubaida Khanum in the late 1950s and got breakthrough from a wedding song from film Kartar Singh (1959), which became a folk song..

  • Desan Da Raja, Meray Babul Da Pyara..

Naseem Begum dominated playback singing in the first half of the 60s and won four Nigar Awards as best female singer in just five years from 1960 to 1964. Salma, Saheli (1960), Gulfam (1961), Shaheed, Aulad, Darvaza (1962), Baji, Mouj Mela, Tees Mar Khan, Ik Tera Sahara (1963), Lutera, Haveli (1964), Jeedar (1965), Bharia Mela, Madr-e-Watan, Payel Ki Jhankar (1966), Mera Veer (1967), Paristan (1968), Zarqa, Chann Veer (1969), Chann Puttar (1970) and Pardes (1972) were some big musical movies by Naseem Begum.

Naseem Begum was born in 1936 at Amritsar and died on September 29, 1971 during a child birth. She was married to book publisher Din Mohammad of Lahore.

Naseem Begum

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