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Buland Iqbal

Famous music director Buland Iqbal died on July 25, 2013
Buland Iqbal - Film Music director - Famous music director Buland Iqbal died on July 25, 2013
Facts on Buland Iqbal
Real name Buland Iqbal
First film 12 Bajay (Urdu - 1961)
Active career
Life - 25-07-2013
Born at
Language Urdu
Profession Music
Relations Lal Mohammat (mate), Bundu Khan (father), Umrao Bundu Khan (brother)

Buland Iqbal was a famous Sarangi-Nawaz and son of famous classical musician Bundu Khan. He was mate of Lal Mohammad and they composed music as Lal Mohammad Iqbal in 30 Karachi made Urdu, Sindhi, Gujarati and Pashto movies. Their first film was Bara Bajay in 1961 and a song from an Indian singer Nishi Kumari was famous in this films..

  • Haar Geyi, Haar Geyi, Tou Say Dil Laga Kay..

Mehdi Hassan's song in film Jaag utha Insaan in 1966 was one of their all time best song..

  • Duniya Kisi Kay Pyar Mein Jannat Say Kam Nahin..

Alam Lohar's patriotic song in film Azadi ya Mout in 1966 was a big hit..

  •  Duniya Janay Meray Watan Ki Shaan..

Ahmad Rushdi's song in film Naseeb Apna Apna in 1970 was one of another great melodious song..

  •  A Abr-e-Karam, Aaj Itna Bars, Itna Bars, Keh Woh Ja Na Saken..

Other famous musical movies were Mr. X (1963), Chhoti Behan (1964), Meray Lal (1967), Doosri Maa (1968), Ladla (1969), Nadan (1973) etc.

Lal Mohammad and Buland Iqbal were honored to composed music for first ever Pashto and Gujarati movies made in 1970, Yousuf Khan Sher Bano and Maa Tay Maa, respectively. They were also music director of inaugural Indo-Pak film Suraj Bhi Tamashai in the late 1970s. Their last film Himmat (1997) was a Sindhi film but they never composed music for any Punjabi film.

Buland Iqbal belongs to Delhi-Gharana and started from Radio Pakistan Karachi. His mate Lal Mohammad died on Septembe 29, 2009 in Karachi.

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