Novel writer

Nasim Hijazi

Naseem Hijazi was a legendry novel writer in Pakistan
Nasim Hijazi - Novel writer - Naseem Hijazi was a legendry novel writer in Pakistan

Facts on Nasim Hijazi
Real name Sharif Hussain
Active career(1943-96)
Life - 01-03-1996
Born at Gurdaspur, Indian Punjab
Language Punjabi
Profession Writting

He was an Islamic-novel-writer who wrote his first novel Shoodar in 1943.

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Director Masood Parvez film Khak-o-Khoon in 1979 was based on Naseem Hijazi's famous novel Khak aur Khoon. It was a super flop film which was financed by NEFDEK and many TV artists were on screen.

Naseem Hijazi died on March 1st, 1996.

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