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Folk Singer

Sain Akhtar Hussain

He was folk and a supporting playback singer
Sain Akhtar Hussain - Folk Singer - He was folk and a supporting playback singer
Facts on Sain Akhtar Hussain
Real name Akhtar Hussain
First film Hatim (Urdu - 1956)
Active career(1956-83)
Life 1920 - 16-06-1987
Born at Amritsar, Indian Punjab
Language Punjabi
Profession Singing
Relations Sain Khawar (son)

Sain Akhtar was best known for his famous Allap in evergreen song..

Basically, he was a folk singer and mostly sang Kafies and other folk songs on Urs of holy Saints. He gave his famous Allap in many film songs, qawwalies, dhamals etc..

He was co-singer for main singers like Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Saleem Raza, Munir Hussain, Ahmad Rushdi and Masood Rana in many songs. Some of them were..

  • Na Milta Gar Yeh Touba Ka Sahara, Ham Kahan Jatay.. (film Touba - 1964)
  • Daata Meray, Jholi Bhar Day, Main Sawali Teray Dar Ka.. (film Moajza - 1966)
  • Saathi, Tera Mera Sathi Hay Lehrata Sumandar.. (film Samundar - 1968)
  • Lal Meri Patt Rakhio Bala, Jhoolay Lalan.. (film Veryam - 1969)

Sain Akhtar was born in Amritsar in 1920 and died on June 16, 1987 in Lahore.

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