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Facts on Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Real name
First film Jago Hua Savera (Urdu - 1959)
Active career
Life 13-03-1911 - 20-11-1984
Born at Sialkot
Profession Poetry

Faiz Ahmad Faiz was a left wing revolutionary intellectual poet who also wrote some songs for movies. His most famous Ghazal was in film Farangi in 1964, which gave Mehdi Hassan an undisputed position as The King of The Ghazals..

  • Gullon Mein Rang Bharay, Bad-e-No Bahar Chalay..

One of other famous song by Faiz Ahmad Faiz was banned by Ayub regime from film Shaheed (1962)..

  • Nisar Main Teri Galion Peh, A Watan Kay Jahan,
    Chali Hay Rasm Kay, Koi Na Sar Utha Kay Chaly..

It was sung by another big singer form Pakistani film industry, Munir Hussain and both songs were composed by legend music director Rasheed Attray.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz also wrote story and songs in first Dhaka based Urdu film Jago Hua Savera which won gold medal in Moscow film festival in 1959.

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Faiz Ahmad Fazi was born in Sialkot on February 13, 1911 and died on November 20, 1984 in Lahore.


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