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Hindi/Urdu film from 1934

Samaj Ki Bhool

Released date in Lahore:

Film Company: Imperial Film Co.

Released date: 1934

Language: Hindi/Urdu

Made in Bombay

Genre: ?

Status: ?

A film about the widow's right to remarry in Hindu faith..

Film credits of

Samaj Ki Bhool

(Hindi/Urdu - 1934)
ActorsDulari, Rafiq Ghaznavi, Lalita Devi, Jamshedji, Jillo Bai, Abdul Qadir, Inayat,
DirectorHomi Master
WriterMunshi Zaheer
Music directorParan Sukhnaik
Film music of

Samaj Ki Bhool

(Hindi/Urdu - 1934)

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