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Rehana - Film Heroine - A famous artists
Facts on Rehana
Real name Musarrat Jahan Begum
First film Tadbir (Hindi/Urdu - 1945)
First film Wehshi (Urdu - 1956)
Active career
Life -
Born at Bombay, India
Language Urdu
Profession Acting
Relations Iqbal Shehzad (ex-hushand)

Rehana acted as heroine in many films with big heroes in 40's like Ashok Kumar, Dev Annand, Raj Kapoor and Nasir Khan. Her films in India, Ham Ek Hayn and Santaan (1946), Neyi Baat, Nateeja, Pal, Sajan and Shehnai (1947), Sagai, Khirki and Shanshana ki Bablaboo.

Rehana migrated to Pakistan but despite of struggle she could not continue her success in Pakistan. Acted in few films in Pakistan.

Jind Jan
Jind Jan
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Lady Boss

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