Film Comedian

Munir Zarif

Munir Zarif passed away on February 18, 2014..
Munir Zarif - Film Comedian - Munir Zarif passed away on February 18, 2014..
Facts on Munir Zarif
Real name Mohammad Munir
First film Sajjan Pyara (Punjabi - 1968)
Active career1968-
Life - 18-02-2014
Born at Gujranwala
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting

He was the fifth and last of Zarif Brothers in Pakistani films, who died on 18.2.2014 in Lahore..

Munir Zarif was introduced in film Sajjan Payara in 1968 and appeared in many films during his long film career. He was best known for a TV serial Sona Chandi and his role Chacha Karmun/Timepiece was very popular..

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