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Noorjahan - Playback singer, actress and director - She was the greatest film personality in Pakistan..!


Playback singer, actress and director

She was the greatest film personality in Pakistan..!

Melody Queen Madam Noorjahan was one and only artist from the Indian and Pakistani film history who was a super star artist since her childhood and continued her dominance in seven long decades..!!!

She was born in the 1920s and became super star as Baby Noorjahan in the late 1930s. She achieved amazing success as a top class film heroine and playback singer in the 1940s in the pre-partition era. She continued her success in the 1950s in Pakistan and was unmatchable playback singer from the 1960s till her sickness in the late 1990s.

Madam Noorjahan was introduced on Lahore stage by the legend music director Baba G.A. Chishti and got debut as a child actress and singer in Calcutta made Punjabi film Sheela as Pind Di Kurri in 1935. She became super star child star from film Gul Bakavli in 1939 and got huge success in the whole British India from a Lahore made Hindi/Urdu film Khandan in 1942. She was also on top in Bombay where Zeenat (1945), Anmol Gharhi (1946) and Jugnu (1947) etc. were all time greatest films.

Madam Noorjahan was on the top in her native country Pakistan in the 1950s with big movies like Chann Way (1950), Dopatta (1952), Intezar (1956) and Koel (1959). She decided to restrict her to playback singing and dominated from film Salma in 1960 till Sakhi Badshah in 1996.

Madam Noorjahan was born as Allah Wasai on September 21, 1926 in a musicians family in Qasoor. She was married to film producer and director Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi and later film hero Ejaz. She had two sons and four daughters. She died on December 23, 2000 in Karachi in the holy night of 27th Ramadan.

Qadeer GhoriQadeer Ghori
Rattan KumarRattan Kumar
Ilyas KashmiriIlyas Kashmiri

A complete list of artists birthdays
Date of Birth Artist Category
01-01-1910Ustad DamanPoet
01-01-1948Fakhri AhmadFilm Comedian
01-01-1953Khalida RiasatTV actress
01-01-1956Khurshid AhmadNaat singer
01-02-1934KhalilFilm hero
01-02-1938M.AshrafFilm Music director
01-03-1917Dukhi PremnagriFilm poet and journalist
01-03-1928Alam LoharFolk Singer
01-06-1926ZarifFilm Comedian
01-07-1949Hassan Shaheed MirzaRadio broadcaster
01-08-1931Yousuf KhanFilm hero
01-08-1935Fazal HussainSinger & music director
01-09-1930Fatima Surayya BajiaTV writer
01-10-1936Obaidullah BaigRadio/TV/Stage
01-12-1924Nisar BazmiFilm Music director
02-01-1929LehriThe Great Film Comedian
02-02-1904Shoukat ThanviPoets/Writers
02-04-1925SaqiSupporting actor
02-10-1938Waheed MuradFilm hero, producer, writer
03-04-1965Nazia HassanPop singers
03-06-1932Khawaja ParvezFilm poet, producer, story and dialogue writer
03-09-1964Junaid JamshedPop singer, Islamic scholar
03-11-1936Khalil AhmadFilm Music director
04-02-1948Mujeeb AlamPlayback singer
04-03-1932Saleem RazaPlayback singer
04-03-1932Nayyar SultanaFilm Heroine
04-05-1924Qadeer GhoriFilm director
05-08-1932Kemal IraniSupporting actor
05-11-1912Saadat Hassan MantoWriter
06-01-1944Masroor AnwarLyricist, story & dialogue writer, producer, director
06-02-1919Tanvir NaqviLyricist
06-02-1933Munnu BhaiJournalist, writer
06-04-1923SawanFilm Villain
06-08-1941Masood RanaPlayback singer
06-12-1931Anwar HossainFilm Actor
07-01-1911Noor Mohammad CharlieFilm Comedian
07-12-1923Intizar HussainWriter, Poet
08-05-1946Akhlaq AhmadPlayback singer
08-08-1937NiralaFilm Comedian
08-11-1926Jahangir KhanFilm hero
08-12-1925Nasir KazmiPoets/Writers
09-04-1928Munir NiaziPoet
09-07-1914Sabtain FazliFilm director
10-11-1927TalishFilm villain and charactor actor
11-04-1904SaigalFilm singer and actor
11-04-1928DarpanFilm hero, producer, director
11-04-1928Waris LudhyanviLyricist, story and dialog-writer
11-07-1923NashadFilm Music director
11-08-1922Ibrahim JaleesStory and dialogue writer
11-11-1929AkmalFilm hero
12-01-1928Inayat Hussain BhattiPlayback singer, actor
12-01-1931Ahmad FarazPoet and Writer
12-02-1920PranForeign Actor
12-10-1945Maqbool SabiriQawwal Singer
12-11-1923Ahmad RahiPoet and Writer
12-12-1934Ustad Salamat Ali KhanClassical Musician/Singer
13-03-1911Faiz Ahmad FaizPoets/Writers
13-03-1943KaifeeFilm director and hero
13-04-1900Imtiaz Ali TajPoets/Writers
13-10-1948Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanQawwal Singer
13-11-1952AsiyaFilm Heroine
14-04-1914KhurshidFilm actress and singer
14-04-1919Shamshad BegumprePartition playback singer
14-07-1914Tufail HoshiarpuriPoets/Writers
14-08-1947Parvez MehdiRadio and Ghazal singer
14-11-1944Saleem NasirTV Actor
14-11-1956Fozia WahabTV Actor
15-01-1910A.ShahFilm comedian
15-01-1917Nizam DinRadio artist
15-02-1919Rasheed AttrayFilm Music director
15-03-1919Chacha ChaudhryPress Photographer
15-04-1932Aslam ParvezFilm Villain
15-06-1929SurayyaprePartition singer, actress
15-11-1910Feroz NizamiFilm Music director
16-10-1916Mohammad Hanif AzadSupporting actor
17-02-1962Badar MiandadQawwal Singer
17-09-1950A.NayyarPlayback singer
18-07-1927Mehdi HassanGhazal and playback singer
18-07-1938Parvez MalikFilm director
18-09-1938Qurban JeelaniSupporting actor
18-10-1950Om PuriForeign actor
19-03-1905Ghulam MohammadSupporting actor
19-03-1913Agha G.A. GulStudio owner and film proudcer
19-04-1931Mohammad AliFilm hero, producer
19-08-1939Nazrul IslamFilm director
1906Master VithalFilm hero
1923AllauddinVillain, hero and character actor
1931ZeenatActress, producer, director
1937RangeelaFilm Comedian
1945Taj MultaniRadio singer
1950Munna LahoriTV & stage artist
1950MehnazPlayback singer
20-03-1922Saifuddin SaifFilm Producer, director, lyricist
20-06-1910S.M. YousufFilm director
20-08-1956Tahira NaqviTV, Radio and film actress
20-11-1916Ahmad Nadeem QasmiPoets/Writers
20-12-1924Sawran LataFilm Heroine
21-03-1900Rafi PeerPoets/Writers
21-03-1912Khawaja Khursheed AnwarFilm Music director
21-08-1942Rattan KumarFilm hero, child artist, producer, director
21-09-1926NoorjahanPlayback singer, actress and director
21-09-1960Sikandar SanamComedian
22-01-1936Sikandar ShaheenSupporting actor
22-03-1938Shamim AraFilm Heroine, director, producer
22-05-1962Ismael ShahFilm hero
22-08-1925Ashfaq AhmadWriter, broadcaster and intellectual
22-08-1933Ali Sufiyan AfaqiFilm journalist
23-12-1933Muzaffar WarsiPoets/Writers
23-12-1970Amjad SabriQawwal
24-03-1928Habib JalibPoets/Writers
24-04-1934Ahmad RushdiPlayback singer
24-06-1938Sultan RahiFilm hero
24-12-1919Qateel ShafaiFilm poet
24-12-1924Mohammad RafiprePartition singer
24-12-1928Ilyas KashmiriVillain actor
24-12-1950Moin AkhtarTV Actor, host, comedian
25-01-1921SudhirAction hero
25-09-1955Asad Amanat Ali KhanClassical, Ghazal and Film singer
25-11-1916Lutfullah KhanRadio/TV/Stage
25-11-1926Aaejay KardarFilm director
25-11-1939Ustad Raees KhanClassical singer
25-12-1925SantoshFilm hero, producer
25-12-1940Munawar ZarifFilm Comedian
26-04-1950SaloniFilm Heroine
26-05-1944Qazi WajidRadio, TV and Film actor
26-07-1928Ibn-e-SafiWriter, novelist and poet
26-11-1929HabibFilm hero, producer, director
26-12-1938Iqbal YousufFilm director and actor
27-02-1937RehmanFilm Hero, director, producer
27-03-1924Latif KapadiaTV Actor
27-04-1937KemalFilm hero, producer, director
27-10-1926Yasin GorejaFilm journalist
27-10-1927EhteshamFilm director, producer
28-02-1928Kaleem UsmaniPoets/Writers
28-11-1928Bano QudsiaWriter, novelist, playwright
29-05-1929Farooq RokhriPoet
30-01-1919Suroor BarabankviLyricists, producer, director
30-11-1946Dildar Parvez BhattiFilm journalist
31-01-1923Mazhar ShahFilm Villain
31-05-1902Ahmad Ghulam Ali ChhaglaMusic composer
31-08-1919Amrita PritamPoet
31-12-1942Jamshed AnsariRadio, TV and film comedian

Birthdays of film heroes

Humayun SaeedHumayun Saeed
Ismael ShahIsmael Shah
Jan RamboJan Rambo
Javed SheikhJaved Sheikh
Mohammad AliMohammad Ali
Rattan KumarRattan Kumar
Sultan RahiSultan Rahi
Waheed MuradWaheed Murad
Yousuf KhanYousuf Khan

A complete list of birthdays of film heroes

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film heroes..

Name Category Date of Birth
AkmalFilm heroMonday, 11 November, 1929
DarpanFilm hero, producer, director1928
EjazFilm hero, producerTursday, 18 April, 1935
HabibFilm hero, producer, directorTuesday, 26 November, 1929
Humayun SaeedFilm heroWednesday, 27 January, 1971
Ismael ShahFilm hero Tuesday, 22 May, 1962
Jan RamboFilm Hero, comedianTuesday, 22 July, 1969
Javed SheikhFilm heroFriday, 8 October, 1954
KaifeeFilm director and heroSaturday, 13 March, 1943
KemalFilm hero, producer, directorTuesday, 27 April, 1937
KhalilFilm heroThursday, 1 February, 1934
Mohammad AliFilm hero, producerSunday, 19 April, 1931
Muhib MirzaTV & film actorSaturday, 18 August, 1979
NadeemFilm hero, playback singer, producerSaturday, 19 July, 1941
Rattan KumarFilm hero, child artist, producer, directorFriday, 21 August, 1942
RehmanFilm Hero, director, producerSaturday, 27 February, 1937
SantoshFilm hero, producer Friday, 25 December, 1925
ShaanFilm hero, producer, directorTuesday, 27 April, 1971
ShahidFilm heroMonday, 24 July, 1950
SudhirAction heroTuesday, 25 January, 1921
Sultan RahiFilm heroFriday, 24 June, 1938
Waheed MuradFilm hero, producer, writer Sunday, 2 October, 1938
Yousuf KhanFilm heroSaturday, 1 August, 1931

Birthdays of film heroines

Babra SharifBabra Sharif
Mahira KhanMahira Khan
Mahnoor BalochMahnoor Baloch
Musarrat NazirMusarrat Nazir
Nayyar SultanaNayyar Sultana
Saba QamarSaba Qamar
Sabiha KhanumSabiha Khanum
Sawran LataSawran Lata
Shamim AraShamim Ara
Zara SheikhZara Sheikh
Zeba BakhtiarZeba Bakhtiar

A complete list of birthdays of film heroines

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film heroines..

Name Category Date of Birth
AnjumanFilm HeroineSunday, 24 July, 1955
AsiyaFilm HeroineThursday, 13 November, 1952
Babra SharifFilm HeroineFriday, 10 December, 1954
DeebaFilm HeroineFriday, 1 August, 1947
HinaFilm HeroineSaturday, 2 August, 1947
Mahira KhanTV & film actress and VJTuesday, 21 December, 1982
Mahnoor BalochActress, modelTuesday, 14 July, 1970
Musarrat NazirFilm HeroineSunday, 13 October, 1940
NargisFilm HeroineWednesday, 12 August, 1970
Nayyar SultanaFilm HeroineFriday, 4 March, 1932
NeeliFilm HeroineFriday, 24 June, 1966
NeeloFilm Heroine Saturday, 29 June, 1940
ReshamFilm HeroineFriday, 20 October, 1972
Saba QamarTV & film actress and modelThursday, 5 April, 1984
Sabiha KhanumFilm HeroineWednesday, 16 October, 1935
SahibaFilm HeroineMonday, 13 March, 1972
SaimaFilm HeroineFriday, 5 May, 1967
SaloniFilm Heroine Wednesday, 26 April, 1950
Sawran LataFilm HeroineSaturday, 20 December, 1924
Shamim AraFilm Heroine, director, producerTuesday, 22 March, 1938
Zara SheikhFilm Heroine, ModelSunday, 7 May, 1978
ZebaFilm heroineTuesday, 10 September, 1940
Zeba BakhtiarFilm HeroineMonday, 5 November, 1962

Birthdays of film comedians

Fakhri AhmadFakhri Ahmad
Jamshed AnsariJamshed Ansari
Munawar ZarifMunawar Zarif

A complete list of birthdays of film comedians

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film comedians..

Name Category Date of Birth
A.ShahFilm comedianSaturday, 15 January, 1910
Fakhri AhmadFilm ComedianThursday, 1 January, 1948
Jamshed AnsariRadio, TV and film comedianThursday, 31 December, 1942
LehriThe Great Film ComedianWednesday, 2 January, 1929
Munawar ZarifFilm ComedianWednesday, 25 December, 1940
NiralaFilm ComedianSunday, 8 August, 1937
RangeelaFilm Comedian1937
ZarifFilm Comedian Tuesday, 1 June, 1926

Birthdays of film villains

Aslam ParvezAslam Parvez
Ilyas KashmiriIlyas Kashmiri
Mazhar ShahMazhar Shah
Mustafa QureshiMustafa Qureshi

A complete list of birthdays of film villains

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film villains..

Name Category Date of Birth
AllauddinVillain, hero and character actor1923
Aslam ParvezFilm Villain1932
Ilyas KashmiriVillain actorMonday, 24 December, 1928
Mazhar ShahFilm VillainWednesday, 31 January, 1923
Mustafa QureshiFilm VillainTuesday, 23 April, 1940
SawanFilm VillainFriday, 6 April, 1923
TalishFilm villain and charactor actorThursday, 10 November, 1927

Birthdays of supporting artists

Anwar HossainAnwar Hossain
Atiqa OdhoAtiqa Odho
Bushra AnsariBushra Ansari
Ghulam MohammadGhulam Mohammad
Humaima MalickHumaima Malick
Jahangir KhanJahangir Khan
Kemal IraniKemal Irani
Samina PirzadaSamina Pirzada
Samiya MumtazSamiya Mumtaz

A complete list of birthdays of supporting artists

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film supporting artists..

Name Category Date of Birth
Anwar HossainFilm ActorSunday, 6 December, 1931
Atiqa OdhoFilm ActressMonday, 12 February, 1951
Bushra AnsariTV Actor, comedian, singer, TV hostTuesdagy, 15 May, 1956
Ghulam MohammadSupporting actorTuesday, 14 March, 1905
Humaima MalickTV, film actress, modelWednesday, 18 November, 1987
Jahangir KhanFilm heroMonday, 8 November, 1926
Kemal IraniSupporting actorFriday, 5 August, 1932
KhushbooFilm ActressMonday, 13 October, 1969
Mohammad Hanif AzadSupporting actorMonday, 16 October, 1916
Noor Mohammad CharlieFilm ComedianSaturday, 7 January, 1911
Samina PirzadaSupporting actor
Samiya MumtazTV & film actressSaturday, 5 September, 1970
SaqiSupporting actorThursday, 2 April, 1925
ZeenatActress, producer, director1931

Birthdays of film directors

Aaejay KardarAaejay Kardar
Iqbal YousufIqbal Yousuf
Nazrul IslamNazrul Islam
Parvez MalikParvez Malik
Qadeer GhoriQadeer Ghori
S.M. YousufS.M. Yousuf
Sabtain FazliSabtain Fazli

A complete list of birthdays of film directors

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film directors..

Name Category Date of Birth
Aaejay KardarFilm director Thursday, 25 November, 1926
EhteshamFilm director, producerThursday, 27 October, 1927
Iqbal YousufFilm director and actorMonday, 26 December, 1938
Nazrul IslamFilm directorSaturday, 19 August, 1939
Parvez MalikFilm directorMonday, 18 July, 1938
Qadeer GhoriFilm directorSunday, 4 May, 1924
S.M. YousufFilm directorMonday, 20 June, 1910
Sabtain FazliFilm directorThursday, 9 July, 1914

Birthdays of film producers

Agha G.A. GulAgha G.A. Gul

A complete list of birthdays of film producers

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film producers..

Name Category Date of Birth
Agha G.A. GulStudio owner and film proudcerWednesday, 19 March, 1913

Birthdays of film Poets/Writers

Ahmad FarazAhmad Faraz
Ahmad Nadeem QasmiAhmad Nadeem Qasmi
Ahmad RahiAhmad Rahi
Ali Sufiyan AfaqiAli Sufiyan Afaqi
Amrita PritamAmrita Pritam
Ashfaq AhmadAshfaq Ahmad
Bano QudsiaBano Qudsia
Dukhi PremnagriDukhi Premnagri
Faiz Ahmad FaizFaiz Ahmad Faiz
Farooq RokhriFarooq Rokhri
Habib JalibHabib Jalib
Ibrahim JaleesIbrahim Jalees
Imtiaz Ali TajImtiaz Ali Taj
Intizar HussainIntizar Hussain
Kaleem UsmaniKaleem Usmani
Khawaja ParvezKhawaja Parvez
Masroor AnwarMasroor Anwar
Munir NiaziMunir Niazi
Muzaffar WarsiMuzaffar Warsi
Nasir KazmiNasir Kazmi
Qateel ShafaiQateel Shafai
Rafi PeerRafi Peer
Saifuddin SaifSaifuddin Saif
Shoukat ThanviShoukat Thanvi
Suroor BarabankviSuroor Barabankvi
Tanvir NaqviTanvir Naqvi
Tufail HoshiarpuriTufail Hoshiarpuri
Ustad DamanUstad Daman
Waris LudhyanviWaris Ludhyanvi

A complete list of birthdays of film Poets/Writers

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film Poets/Writers..

Name Category Date of Birth
Ahmad FarazPoet and WriterMonday, 12 January, 1931
Ahmad Nadeem QasmiPoets/WritersMonday, 20 November, 1916
Ahmad RahiPoet and WriterMonday, 12 November, 1923
Ali Sufiyan AfaqiFilm journalistTuesday, 22 August, 1933
Amrita PritamPoetSunday, 31 August, 1919
Ashfaq AhmadWriter, broadcaster and intellectualSaturday, 22 August, 1925
Bano QudsiaWriter, novelist, playwrightWednesday, 28 November, 1928
Dabeer-ul-HassanPoets/WritersTuesday, 17 May, 1949
Dukhi PremnagriFilm poet and journalistThursday, 1 March, 1917
Faiz Ahmad FaizPoets/WritersMonday, 13 March, 1911
Farooq RokhriPoetWednesday, 29 May, 1929
Fatima Surayya BajiaTV writerMonday, 1 September, 1930
Habib JalibPoets/WritersSaturday, 24 March, 1928
Ibn-e-SafiWriter, novelist and poetThursday, 26 July, 1928
Ibrahim JaleesStory and dialogue writerFriday, 11 August, 1922
Imtiaz Ali TajPoets/WritersFriday, 13 April, 1900
Intizar HussainWriter, PoetFriday, 7 December, 1923
Kaleem UsmaniPoets/WritersTuesday, 28 February, 1928
Khawaja ParvezFilm poet, producer, story and dialogue writerFriday, 3 June, 1932
Masroor AnwarLyricist, story & dialogue writer, producer, directorThursday, 6 January, 1944
Munir NiaziPoetMonday, 9 April, 1928
Muzaffar WarsiPoets/WritersSaturday, 23 December, 1933
Nasir KazmiPoets/WritersTuesday, 8 December, 1925
Qateel ShafaiFilm poet Wednesday, 24 December, 1919
Rafi PeerPoets/WritersWednesday, 21 March, 1900
Saadat Hassan MantoWriterTuesday, 5 November, 1912
Saifuddin SaifFilm Producer, director, lyricistMonday, 20 March, 1922
Saleem MuradPoets/WritersSaturday, 1 September, 1962
Shoukat ThanviPoets/WritersTuesday, 2 February, 1904
Suroor BarabankviLyricists, producer, directorThursday, 30 January, 1919
Tanvir NaqviLyricistThursday, 6 February, 1919
Tufail HoshiarpuriPoets/WritersTuesday, 14 July, 1914
Ustad DamanPoetSaturday, 1 January, 1910
Waris LudhyanviLyricist, story and dialog-writerWednesday, 11 April, 1928

Birthdays of film Music directors

Feroz NizamiFeroz Nizami
Khalil AhmadKhalil Ahmad
Nisar BazmiNisar Bazmi
Rasheed AttrayRasheed Attray

A complete list of birthdays of film Music directors

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film Music directors..

Name Category Date of Birth
Feroz NizamiFilm Music directorTuesday, 15 November, 1910
Khalil AhmadFilm Music directorTuesday, 3 November, 1936
Khawaja Khursheed AnwarFilm Music directorThursday, 21 March, 1912
M.AshrafFilm Music directorTuesday, 1 February, 1938
NashadFilm Music directorWednesday, 11 July, 1923
Nisar BazmiFilm Music directorMonday, 1 December, 1924
Rasheed AttrayFilm Music directorSaturday, 15 February, 1919

Birthdays of film singers

Ahmad RushdiAhmad Rushdi
Akhlaq AhmadAkhlaq Ahmad
Fazal HussainFazal Hussain
Ghulam AliGhulam Ali
Irene ParveenIrene Parveen
Masood RanaMasood Rana
Mehdi HassanMehdi Hassan
Mujeeb AlamMujeeb Alam
Parvez MehdiParvez Mehdi
Saleem RazaSaleem Raza

A complete list of birthdays of film singers

An alphabetically list of birthdays of film singers..

Name Category Date of Birth
A.NayyarPlayback singer Sunday, 17 September, 1950
Ahmad RushdiPlayback singerTuesday, 24 April, 1934
Akhlaq AhmadPlayback singerWednesday, 8 May, 1946
Asad Amanat Ali KhanClassical, Ghazal and Film singerSunday, 25 September, 1955
Fazal HussainSinger & music directorThursday, 1 August, 1935
Ghulam AliGhazal singerThursday, 5 December, 1940
Inayat Hussain BhattiPlayback singer, actorThursday, 12 January, 1928
Irene ParveenPlayback singerTuesday, 23 April, 1940
MalaSingerThursday, 9 November, 1939
Masood RanaPlayback singerWednesday, 6 August, 1941
Mehdi HassanGhazal and playback singerMonday, 18 July, 1927
MehnazPlayback singer 1950
Mujeeb AlamPlayback singerWednesday, 4 February, 1948
Naheed AkhtarSinger1966
NoorjahanPlayback singer, actress and directorTuesday, 21 September, 1926
Parvez MehdiRadio and Ghazal singerThursday, 14 August, 1947
Saleem RazaPlayback singer Friday, 4 March, 1932

Birthdays of non-film singers

Alam LoharAlam Lohar
Amjad SabriAmjad Sabri
Badar MiandadBadar Miandad
Junaid JamshedJunaid Jamshed
Khurshid AhmadKhurshid Ahmad
Maqbool SabiriMaqbool Sabiri
Nazia HassanNazia Hassan
Ustad Raees KhanUstad Raees Khan

A complete list of birthdays of non-film singers

An alphabetically list of birthdays of non-film singers..

Name Category Date of Birth
Ahmad Ghulam Ali ChhaglaMusic composerSaturday, 31 May, 1902
Alam LoharFolk SingerThursday, 1 March, 1928
Amjad SabriQawwalWednesday, 23 December, 1970
Atif AslamPop singersSaturday, 12 March, 1983
Badar MiandadQawwal SingerSaturday, 17 February, 1962
Junaid JamshedPop singer, Islamic scholarThursday, 3 September, 1964
Khurshid AhmadNaat singerSunday, 1 January, 1956
Maqbool SabiriQawwal SingerFriday, 12 October, 1945
Nazia HassanPop singersSaturday, 3 April, 1965
Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanQawwal SingerWednesday, 13 October, 1948
Sajjad AliPop singersWednesday, 24 August, 1966
Taj MultaniRadio singer1945
Ustad Raees KhanClassical singerSaturday, 25 November, 2017
Ustad Salamat Ali KhanClassical Musician/SingerWednesday, 12 December, 1934
Zill-e-HumaSingerMonday, 21 February, 1944

Birthdays of other artists

Chacha ChaudhryChacha Chaudhry
Yasin GorejaYasin Goreja

A complete list of birthdays of other artists

An alphabetically list of birthdays of other artists..

Name Category Date of Birth
Chacha ChaudhryPress PhotographerSaturday, 15 March, 1919
Dildar Parvez BhattiFilm journalistSaturday, 30 November, 1946
Yasin GorejaFilm journalistWednesday, 27 October, 1926

Birthdays of non-film artists

Aamina SheikhAamina Sheikh
Aisha KhanAisha Khan
Khalida RiasatKhalida Riasat
Latif KapadiaLatif Kapadia
Lutfullah KhanLutfullah Khan
Mehwish HayyatMehwish Hayyat
Moin AkhtarMoin Akhtar
Munnu BhaiMunnu Bhai
Nizam DinNizam Din
Obaidullah BaigObaidullah Baig
Qazi WajidQazi Wajid
Qurban JeelaniQurban Jeelani
Saleem NasirSaleem Nasir
Sikandar SanamSikandar Sanam
Sikandar ShaheenSikandar Shaheen
Tahira NaqviTahira Naqvi
Yawar Hayyat KhanYawar Hayyat Khan

A complete list of birthdays of non-film artists

An alphabetically list of birthdays of non-film artists..

Name Category Date of Birth
Aamina SheikhTV actress, modelSaturday, 29 August, 1981
Aisha KhanActress, modelSaturday, 27 September, 1980
Fozia WahabTV ActorWednesday, 14 November, 1956
Hassan Shaheed MirzaRadio broadcasterFriday, 1 July, 1949
Khalida RiasatTV actressThursday, 1 January, 1953
Latif KapadiaTV ActorThursday, 27 March, 1924
Lutfullah KhanRadio/TV/StageSaturday, 25 November, 1916
MeeraFilm heroineMonday, 12 December, 1977
Mehwish HayyatTV & film actressThursday, 6 October, 1983
Moin AkhtarTV Actor, host, comedianSunday, 24 December, 1950
Munna LahoriTV & stage artist
Munnu BhaiJournalist, writerMonday, 6 February, 1933
NirmaFilm actressWednesday, 21 July, 1971
Nizam DinRadio artistMonday, 15 January, 1917
Obaidullah BaigRadio/TV/StageThursday, 1 October, 1936
Qazi WajidRadio, TV and Film actorFriday, 26 May, 1944
Qurban JeelaniSupporting actorSunday, 18 September, 1938
Saleem NasirTV ActorTuesday, 14 November, 1944
Sikandar SanamComedianWednesday, 21 September, 1960
Sikandar ShaheenSupporting actorWednesday, 22 January, 1936
Tahira NaqviTV, Radio and film actressMonday, 20 August, 1956
Yawar Hayyat KhanTV producer, directorMonday, 18 October, 1943

Birthdays of Foreign/prePartition artists

Ashok KumarAshok Kumar
Devika RaniDevika Rani
Dilip KumarDilip Kumar
Mohammad RafiMohammad Rafi
Om PuriOm Puri
Shamshad BegumShamshad Begum

A complete list of birthdays of Foreign/prePartition artists

An alphabetically list of birthdays of Foreign/prePartition artists..

Name Category Date of Birth
Ashok KumarActorFriday, 13 October, 1911
Devika RaniActress, producerMonday, 30 March, 1908
Dilip KumarprePartition actorMonday, 11 December, 1922
KhurshidFilm actress and singerTuesday, 14 April, 1914
Master VithalFilm hero1906
Mohammad RafiprePartition singerWednesday, 24 December, 1924
Om PuriForeign actorWednesday, 18 October, 1950
PranForeign ActorThursday, 12 February, 1920
SaigalFilm singer and actorMonday, 11 April, 1904
Shamshad BegumprePartition playback singer Monday, 14 April, 1919
SurayyaprePartition singer, actressSaturday, 15 June, 1929

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Masood Rana
Mehdi Hassan
Mujeeb Alam
Munawar Sultana
Munir Hussain
Naheed Akhtar
Naheed Niazi
Naseebo Lal
Naseem Begum
Nayyara Noor
Nazir Begum
Rajab Ali
Runa Laila
Saira Naseem
Saleem Raza
Shoukat Ali
Tasawur Khanum
Zubaida Khanum