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Pak Magazine on was launched on 23rd March 2017.
It is a new combined domain and All the relevant content from these two closed sites will be available here. The old classic media page is saved for the history, click on the image to the right and visit the page..

Aaj, Abbotabad Newspaper

Aaj, Abbotabad

An Urdu language newspaper simultaneously being published from Peshawar, Islamabad and Abbottabad in Pakistan since 1989.
OnlineAaj, Abbotabad Newspaper live
WebsiteAaj, Abbotabad Newspaper website
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SatelliteAaj, Abbotabad Newspaper on LynSat
eMailCall to Aaj, Abbotabad
Phone Call to Aaj, Abbotabad Newspaper0992-336278, 0992-343290
Address Postal address of Aaj, Abbotabad NewspaperThe Daily Aaj Abbottabad, Aaj Building Link Road, Kehal Road, Abbottabad
Media Group Media group of Aaj, Abbotabad Newspaper
Founder Founder of Aaj, Abbotabad Newspaper
Established Established date of Aaj, Abbotabad Newspaper01-04-89
Status Status of Aaj, Abbotabad NewspaperRunning


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