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45 released films

(0 Hindi/Urdu, 0 Punjabi and 45 Silent movies)

Debuted artists in 1923

An alphabetically list of all debuted artists in 1923 movies..

Artist Category First film

Artists born in 1923

Ahmad RahiAhmad Rahi
Intizar HussainIntizar Hussain
Mazhar ShahMazhar Shah

An alphabetically list of all born artists in 1923

Artist Date of birth Category
Ahmad RahiMonday, 12 November 1923Poet and Writer
Allauddin1923Villain, hero and character actor
Intizar HussainFriday, 7 December 1923Writer, Poet
Mazhar ShahWednesday, 31 January 1923Film Villain
NashadWednesday, 11 July 1923Film Music director
SawanFriday, 6 April 1923Film Villain

0 Online movies from 1923

(0 Hindi/Urdu, 0 Punjabi, 0 Silent films)

The latest Online film
A complete list of Online Movies from 1923

Film posters from 1923

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0 Punjabi films from 1923

0 Lahore made films from 1923

1 Muslim stories films from 1923

Director: J.J. Madan
Actors: Albertina, Manchersha Chapgar, Patience Cooper, Charles Creed, Azra Mir, Dadibhai Sarkari

0 Folk stories films from 1923

45 released films in 1923

(An alphabetically list)
3.Bhakta Gora Kumbhar
4.Bhakta Peepaji
5.Bijoy & Basanta
6.Buddha Dev
7.ChampaRaj Hada
8.Charma Vijay
10.Gayatri Mahatmaya
11.Guru Dronacharya
12.Hari Talika
13.Jamak Videhi
14.Jarasandha Vadha
15.Kamale Kamini
16.Karma Devi
17.Khoka Babu
18.Kirat Arjuna
19.Krishna Arjuna Yuddha
20.Life of Lord Buddha
21.Maan Bhanjan
23.Matri Sneha
24.Matsya Varah Avtar
25.Maya Bazar
27.Patni Pratap
28.Raja Gopchand
29.Raja Mayurdhwaja
30.Rama Maruti Yuddha
31.Sati Narmada
32.Sati Veermat
33.Savitri Satyavan
34.Shishpal Vadha
35.Shri Krishna Satyabhama
36.Silent Curse
37.Soul of A Slave
38.Step Mother
40.Vali Sugriva
41.Vaman Avatar
42.Vanraj Chavdo
43.Veer Bhimsen
44.Vratrasoor Vadha

Film Music from 1923 movies

(45 songs, 0 Hindi/Urdu and 0 Punjabi film songs from 1923 - incomplete figures!)

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Song list from 1923

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