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Pyar Di Khatir Rabb Nay Sari Khed Rachai A..

Film: Khan-e-Azam - Punjabi - 1981
Singer(s): Naheed Akhtar, Alam Lohar, Shoukat Ali, Music: Wajahat Attray, Poet: Khawaja Parvez, Actors: ?


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(Punjabi - Friday, 6 February 1981)

Music: Wajahat Attray

Poet: Khawaja Parvez

Singers: Naheed Akhtar, Shoukat Ali, Alam Lohar

Director: Younis Malik

Producers: Suhail Ahmad Gaba (Gaba Productions)

Actors: Sudhir, Asiya, Sultan Rahi, Mustafa Qureshi, Nazli, Zahir Shah, Bahar, Jameel Babar, Seema, Shakeel, Iqbal Durrani, Ladla, Nasrullah Butt, Irfan Khoost

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