Punjabi film

Heer Ranjha

Released date: Friday, 19 June 1970567

Color: Color

Genre: Folk story

Film company: Punjab Pictures

Made in Lahore

Box office: Super hit

Film director
Title role(s): Firdous, Ejaz
Debut: Ghulam Ali
The film story

Dheedo (Ejaz) was son of a wealthy man Moju Chodhary from Ranjha tribe in Takht Hazara, Jhang district in Punjab, Pakistan. He loved a beautiful girl Heer (Firdous) from Syal tribe and accepted the job as a cow herder for her parents father Chuchak (Najmul Hassan) and mother Malki (Salma Mumtaz). Heer was mesmerized by Ranjha's flute playing and loved him as well. They begin meeting secretly for a while. Heer's uncle Kaido (Ajmal) discovered them and in an effort to avoid any shame due to class or cast differences, the family hastily arranged her marriage to a wealthy man Saida (Munawar Zarif) from Khera tribe.

Ranjha was disappointed and left the material world. He became a Jogi to seek the spirutal composure and traveled around in deserts and jungles. Finally he found Heer in a village, where she was unsettled and never accepted Saida as her husband. Again they begin meeting secretly and Heer got help from her sister-in-law, Sehti (Zamurrad) who had the same fate and was in love with a man Murad Baloch (Aqeel). Both escaped with their lovers but were caught by the soldiers of Maharaja (Ilyas Kashmiri) who sent them to the jail. After a miracle as a fire erupted, the Maharaja accepted their true love and decided them to go happily together. But it was a shame and a defeat for Heer's family and they poisoned her. Ranjha was shocked and died on her grave.

The history

This film is based on the classical Punjabi literature Heer by the legendary writer and poet Waris Shah (1722-1798). It is the best ever film on this topic in the history of the Indo-Pak films. This film was also made as Heer in 1955 with Sawarn Lata and Inayat Hussain Bhatti and Heer Syal in 1965 with Firdous and Akmal in main roles. This story was also made with secondary characters of Heer and Ranjha in films like Sehti in 1957 with Neelo and Inayat Hussain Bhatti and Murad Baloch in 1968 with Naheed and Iqbal Hassan, respectively. Pakistan's first Punjabi film Pheray in 1949 was inspired by this story as well. This film was also produced before partition as Heer Ranjha (Bombay made silent films in 1928, 1929, 1931), Heer Ranjha (Lahore made inaugural Punjabi film in 1932) and Heer Syal (Calcutta made Punjabi film with Baby Noorjahan in 1937). This story was also filmed in India in Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi in 1948, 1956, 1970, 1992 and 2009.

Main artists in film

Heer Ranjha

(Punjabi - 1970)

Watch film

Heer Ranjha

(Punjabi - 1970)
Credit: Ahid Nawaz on YouTube
Newspaper ads of film Heer Ranjha (1970)

Newspaper ads of film Heer Ranjha (1970)
Film credits of

Heer Ranjha

(Punjabi - 1970)
ActorsFirdous, Ejaz, Zamurrad, Ajmal, Munawar Zarif, Salma Mumtaz, Najmul Hassan, Farhi, Gul Zaman, Seema, Tani, Niggo, Shakeel, Mehboob Kashmri, Rehana, Faizul Hassan, Azra Adil, Irm, Nazir Chodhary, Maryam, Nasir
(Guests: Rangeela, Ilyas Kashmiri, Aqeel, Zulfi)
Director(s)Masood Parvez
Producer(s)Ejaz Durrani, Masood Parvez
Writer(s)Waris Shah (screenplay, dialogues: Ahmad Rahi)
Musician(s)Khawaja Khursheed Anwar
Poet(s)Ahmad Rahi
Singer(s)Noorjahan, Naseem Begum, Irene Parveen, Munir Hussain, Masood Rana, Mujeeb Alam, Ghulam Ali
CameraMasoodur Rehman, Munawar Ayub
Other'sManager: Tahir Rizvi
Makeup: Munawar Hussain Chhota
Hair style: Sakhi Sarwar
Dresses: Master Tufail
Dance: Hameed Chodhary
Fight: Khadim Hussain
Editor: Zamir Qamar
Art: Habib Shah, Sarwar Ghori
Recordings: C. Mandodi, Wajid Ali Sh

Box office reports of film

Heer Ranjha

(Punjabi - 1970)
Lahore circuit

Released date: Friday, 19 June 1970

Film status: Golden jubilee

Weeks: ?

Karachi circuit

Released date: Friday, 19 June 1970

Film status: Silver Jubilee

Weeks: ?/25 weeks

Main theatre: Koh-e-Noor cinema

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A. Nayyar
Ahmad Rushdi
Akhlaq Ahmad
Alam Lohar
Anwar Rafi
Asad Amanat Ali Khan
Azra Jahan
Basheer Ahmad
Ghulam Abbas
Ghulam Ali
Habib Wali Mohammad
Humaira Channa
Inayat Hussain Bhatti
Iqbal Bano
Irene Parveen
Kousar Parveen
Masood Rana
Mehdi Hassan
Mujeeb Alam
Munawar Sultana
Munir Hussain
Naheed Akhtar
Naheed Niazi
Naseebo Lal
Naseem Begum
Nayyara Noor
Nazir Begum
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Rajab Ali
Runa Laila
Saira Naseem
Saleem Raza
Shoukat Ali
Tasawur Khanum
Zubaida Khanum

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