Film Heroine

Salma Agha

An international actress and singer
Salma Agha - Film Heroine - An international actress and singer
Some facts about Salma Agha
Real name
First film Ham Aur Tum (Urdu - 1985)
Active career
Life -
Born at
Profession Acting, singing
Relations Javed Sheikh (ex-husband)

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She was grand daughter of 30's/40's famous actress Anwari Begum who played the role of Heer in the first ever Punjabi film in the sub-continent Heer Ranjha (1932). Famous musician Rafiq Ghaznavi was her grand father and her mother Nasreen worked in Shahjahan (1946 K.L. Sehgal) and Aik roz (1947) in India. Salma Agha was introduced as film heroine in an Indian film. Her first Pakistani film was Ham aur Tum in 1985. Bhabhi dia Choorian, Ham Eik hain, Bazar-e-Hussan and Gharibon ka Badshah were some super hit films of Salma Agha.

Salma Agha's mother Nasreen was the daughter of 1930's actress Miss Anwari (called Paro also) who played the role of Heer in the first ever Punjabi film in the sub-cntinuent Heer Ranjha (1932) opposite famous film actor and musician Rafiq Ghaznavi who was the husband of her. Miss Anwari (Paro) worked in Roshan Ara (1932) Pooran Bhagat (1933) Night Bird and Nagin (1934), Daku ki Larki (1935), and Mr. 420 (1937). Rafiq Ghaznavi was also a famous actor/musician of 30's and worked in Heer Ranjha(1932), Jawani Deewani (1934), Lailo nahar (1936), Do Aurtain and Us ne kya socha ( 1937). 50's supporting and short time actress Shahina was the sister of Nasreen. Nasreen worked in film Shahjahan (KL Sehgal and Raagni 1945) and Aik roze (1947). Air roze was completed in Lahore but his producer took the print to India and released there in 1947. Nasreen did not work in any Pakistani film. (by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi).

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